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UNIT: Wastewater Context for Matter and Its Interactions

LESSON: Wastewater Treatment

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Part of a series of lessons in a unit called Wastewater Context for Matter and its interactions. Designed for middle school physical science, this series of videos and slides can be used to teach students - or educate teachers on how a waste water treatment plant works
LESSON: Wastewater Treatment

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Jeffrey Burgard

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July 7, 2020 at 4:49:30 PM

Content Connection

This is an over view of how the wastewater treatment plant works with connections to properties, chemical reactions and energy in reactions.

Community Relevance

This treatment plant is like most municipal treatment plants in the country - so teachers and students will be able to see the whole process without the expense of a filed trip

Lesson Plan



Primary treatment:

Actively Learn Google Doc Master


Next Steps



Chemical reactions in treatment:



Reclaimed water


New York Times video about reclaimed water


Time Needed:

Watch the videos to educate yourself as a teacher in how the treatment plant works. Then decide how you will use them.



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