Haazel Elledge

Strategic Communications

In 2015, Haazel graduated with a degree from CWU in Organizational Leadership for Social Progress, a one-of-a-kind major, that lied at the intersection of her curiosities, influenced by classes such as Mass Media & Society, Comparative Environmental Politics, Social Movements, and Social Psychology.

Post-college, these curiosities lead her on a path into the marketing and consulting space. Today, she has moved beyond progress into the domain of radical transformation, beguiled by visions and theories of how we can live lightly upon this bountiful earth, thriving together as a cooperative human family.

Haazel is committed to materializing the collective vision for a healthy, vibrant planet. For the past 3 years as a consultant, she worked specifically with social-purpose, impact-focused entrepreneurs and organizations, utilizing cooperative economic models and permaculture principles to integrate and embody the  human values that are being demanded by the globalized world of 2020.

Today, she is enlivened by the opportunity she has to collaborate with the young visionary wayfinders and thought leaders of tomorrow that are rising to the challenges of this emerging era. As storytellers and catalysts of change, she is strengthened by the shared determination of young people to leave a legacy of restoration and transformation for the generations to come, with thriving biosphere, and a loving culture of connection, respect, and wellness.

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