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Sofia Leotta

GDW Project Manager Intern, Student Leadership Coordinator


Sofia Leotta (Class of 2021) attends Inglemoor High School in the Northshore School District. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors in the Spring of 2019 after learning about the program through Northshore’s Community Sustainability Summit. Since then, Sofia has had the opportunity to strengthen her passion for sustainability and develop the skills needed to drive environmental change in her community. Sofia is currently working with her green team to reach Level 3 Green School status through water conservation. She is also leading an aquaponics club to offer middle schoolers a multidisciplinary education experience centered around sustainable agriculture. 

Sofia hopes her efforts in Sustainability Ambassadors will help her on her path to find an environmental engineering or urban planning job in King County. She intends to support this region as she enters the workforce, contributing to long-term efforts aimed at restoration and sustainable growth. Her carbon and water footprints are 34 tons of CO2 annually and 1,654 gallons per day respectively. She hopes to reduce these by using the bus more frequently and eating no meat.

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