McKenzie Toomey

Co-Team Leader, Bellevue School District


McKenzie Toomey is a freshman at the International School representing the Bellevue School District. She joined SA in the spring of 2020, so she is ecstatic to learn all about what SA has to offer. McKenzie doesn’t quite know what she wants to be when she FINALLY grows up, but she knows that she wants to help the world in any way she can! Her main focus for Sustainability Ambassadors is conveying others ideas to local decision makers in order to bring positive change from authoritative figures. She wants to provide a legal backing for her fellow forward-thinking ambassadors. She is a member of the National Charity League, Bellevue Youth Link, and has cared about our climate for as long as she can remember. In her (minuscule) free time, she enjoys playing competitive soccer and riding horses. 

Her personal carbon footprint for 2020 is 22% better than average for her household size, but McKenzie is still working on reducing the consumption of her house and goods purchasing by buying cleaner and reusable goods, and cajoling her parents to buy LED lighting and neutralizing the A/C whenever possible.

Her personal water footprint for 2020 is 38% better than average at 1,299 gallons a day, but McKenzie is still working on reducing the consumption of water by decreasing the amount of meat she eats in a week, discussing implementing solar panels with her parents, and not shopping for extra goods that she doesn’t need.