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Maanit Goel

Co-Team Leader, Lake Washington School District


Maanit Goel (Class of 2024) attends the Lake Washington School District, and joined SA in the fall of 2019. He’s self-published two novels, served on his school’s ASB and NJHS Boards, led a Project Citizen team to Nationals, and competed at the state level for National History Day. He hopes to someday be an entrepreneur or congressman, or work at NASA. Maanit is working to replace the paper across his district with a carbon-neutral, tree-free brand, in order to decrease CO2 emissions. He’s also working with his school to encourage use of an app which helps families find carpools, in the hopes of reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, he is working with his school to replace the current plastic utensils with compostable utensils to reduce waste. Maanit is also working on reducing single-use plastics in Redmond through policy measures such as bans or fees on certain items, in order to reduce waste. His carbon footprint is 20-25 tons of CO2 annually, and his water footprint is 1,384 gallons per day. He’s working on reducing the former by trying to carpool more, and the latter by taking 5-minute showers. In his free time, Maanit likes to watch movies, listen to music, and talk to friends.

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