Lillian Huang

GDW Project Manager Intern


Lillian Huang is a student at Newport High School. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors because she is very passionate about the environment and aims to center her life on environmental sustainability. To mitigate her ecological footprint, Lillian uses reusable products and follows a vegetarian diet. She has also integrated conscious consumerism into her personal life by buying and selling secondhand clothing. Lillian is excited to deepen her understanding of environmental conservation. She is also eager to work with like-minded peers to foster a much more sustainable planet. She hopes to encourage people from all walks of life to help combat climate change. In the future, Lillian plans to pursue her passion by majoring in environmental science. Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, Lillian is involved in many community-oriented initiatives. In addition to being the Co-President of Newport High School's Eco Club, she is an intern at the Pathway Foundation, the Project Leader of the Bloodworks Project, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Hope for Home. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, and spending time with her friends. Lillian's personal carbon footprint is 31 tons per year. She hopes to reduce it by carpooling, taking public transportation, and reducing her winter household thermostat. Her personal water footprint is 1,674 gallons of water per day. She hopes to reduce it by taking shorter showers, installing power strips, and avoiding processed foods.