Gargi Panatula

Co-Team Leader, Bellevue School District

Gargi Panatula is a senior at International School. She represents the Bellevue School District and will graduate in 2020. Gargi has been passionate about the planet from a young age, joining her elementary school’s green team and sorting trash into recycling and compost in the second grade. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors in the summer of 2015 after meeting Peter at the camp he helps lead in the UW – Chemistry, Ecology, Drama – where she portrayed the role of Salmon Girl. Gargi is passionate about helping her communities at home and abroad and helped start the India Ambassador Program after recognizing the potential there is for change when students in the US and India connect over their common vision of a green future. Currently, in the Bellevue Team, Gargi is working alongside her fellow Ambassadors to bring sustainability into Bellevue classrooms and the Bellevue Youth Council. She also works to create a strong culture of sustainability at her school through her actions in the International School Green Team. Gargi’s carbon footprint is 52% better than average. This is a good start, but to improve it she is working to make her household zero waste and as low energy as possible. Gargi’s water footprint is 18% better than average, and to get that number up she is incorporating local plants into her garden that don’t require frequent watering. In her spare time, Gargi enjoys Bharatanatyam, running, hiking, and gardening.

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