Rich Butler

Change Process Consultant, Educating for Sustainability

Rich knows about change. He has at one time or another been a teacher, a coach, a real estate title representative and appraiser, a camp program director, an operations manager for a catering firm, a family pastor, a TOSA leading K-12 program

reviews, an elementary principal, and an educational technology leader and trainer. 

Oh. And he worked for the post office as well.

Rich’s interests are wide, and he loves a new challenge. It probably started with his high school experience. He attended Valhalla High School in El Cajon, CA, one of the first open concept

high schools in the nation using a team taught, independent learning approach. He loved it so much that he majored in history, minored in English, and got his California teaching credential

from San Diego State University. He started his teaching career back at Valhalla on the Humanities Team. He then proceeded to get his Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, co-writing his thesis with a colleague on the turbulent history and seismic shifts that Valhalla has experienced.

Rich's fascination with the impacts of change on educational systems continues with his work in the Northwest. As a TOSA in the Issaquah SD, he applied the research on the Understanding

by Design process to program reviews for K-12 Social Studies, Language Arts, and Health/Fitness. He then worked closely with other technology leaders on a revamp of the educational technology training program. 

And now he pivots to an even greater challenge – how to integrate the principles of educating

for sustainability in the lives of students, the curricula of all disciplines, the pedagogy of instruction, and the vision and mission of school districts across the nation.

Change. It's a beautiful thing.

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