Equity Advocacy Intern Team

  • Aimee Ingabire
  • Zeytun Ahmed
  • Van Tha Bik Lian
  • Cesar Lopez
  • Sebastian Hernmandez

Northwest University

University of Washington - Class of 2022

University of Washington - Class of 2022

University of Washington - Class of 2022

Chief Sealth High School - Class of 2021

Van Tha Bik Lian

Kent-Meridian High School - Class of 2018

Representing the diverse city of Kent

Joined SA on Summer 2018

Van Tha Bik thrives to be part of the growing green jobs economy, embracing a leadership role as he envisions himself pushing his community to demand sustainable and equitable policy frameworks. His interest in sustainability comes from his love for nature and his desire to make the resources of his community and his earth available for future generations.

He hopes to develop skills that will help him achieve his goals and ambitions, such as: leadership skills, facilitation, networking, planning, articulation, and public speaking skills.

His current work plan focuses on developing an online tour for the “Hillside Paradise Parking Plots Community Garden”; a project with the intended goal to give access to fresh and local food for refugee families in Kent. Kent being a food desert, he believes the Community Garden is special and beneficial at every level. The next step for Van Tha Bik with this project will be to take his knowledge from Sustainable College and his Internship to help develop a long-lasting intern program for younger generations within his community. Van Tha Bik has always been fascinated by the ways things work, and fixing broken things has been a lasting hobby.

Cesar P. Lopez

University of Washington - Class of 2022

Represents the City of Burien

Joined SA in summer of 2017

Cesar Lopez is a soon to be freshman at the University of Washington—Seattle. He graduated from Highline High School in Burien recently. Cesar wants to become a mechanical Engineer. He is interested in learning about sustainability because he wants to combine this knowledge with his knowledge of engineering in order to create sustainable solutions as a professional. He has learned a lot about sustainable systems and he is especially interested in transportation and the circular economy. He wants to learn more about these two systems because he loves the technology behind them. As a freshman at UW, he wants to get involved with clubs and organizations that work with STEM and Sustainability. Cesar also loves martial arts and math.

Zeytun Ahmed

The University of Washington - Class of 2022

Represents the City of Kent

Joined SA in Summer of 2018

Zeytun has always spoken her mind since she was even able to speak. Having grown up with the deep belief that the relationship between the Earth and its inhabitants is a sacred one, Zeytun is seizing the opportunity to be involved in Sustainability Ambassadors to use her voice for this growing concern about where our planet is headed. To Zeytun, equity, environmental justice, and sustainability are invariably interconnected and she hopes to tackle all three through the project that is the crux of her summer 2018 SA internship: Paradise Parking Plots. Through this project and internship, Zeytun intends to develop her skills in project management, facilitation, and further strengthen her communication skills. Similarly, Zeytun wants to continue working with like-minded youth as she heads off to the University of Washington-Seattle.