Community Impact Portal

Want to make a difference, but not sure how? You're in the right place. 

The Community Impact Portal is a place for you to jumpstart your environmental impact. In three steps: calculating, reflecting, and starting your journey with Sustainability Ambassadors, you will have the resources you need to commit yourself and your family to live more sustainably. 


Sit down... with your family and use each of these excellent calculators to assess your water and carbon footprint. Write down your numbers. Then click on the links that each website provides and decide which set of actions you can commit to this week or this year. Some are simple behavior changes. Some are bigger decisions. Get started. 


Water Footprint Calculator


Carbon Footprint Calculator


Think about… how can you use your network to maximize impact? These calculators, what you learned from the linked resources, and what actions you are pursuing are inspiring. Share it. 

Here are some examples of groups that you could share to:

Green Team or Environmental Club, ASB Student Council, PTSA, Key Club, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, and others. Share the Calculators with teachers in courses that might benefit from this kind of impact research. Share the Calculators with your friends, and their families who can do the same thing you are. Be creative. 


Would you like to recieve additional emails sharing events and opportunities?

It's time to put everything together!

Get ready to take sustainability into your own hands. 

What happens when I fill out this form?

After you fill out this form, your footprint data will be stored privately, but it may be shared anonymously along with hundreds of other community members. We will use this data as a tool to measure the sustainability of our own community, and inspire people to action. 


You will receive quarterly emails containing this community data, and encouraging you to fill out this form as a low commitment check in to your progress.


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