Transportation Engineer-Planner, Fehr & Peers

Tino Jonga

Transportation Engineer-Planner, Fehr & Peers

Passion, Expertise and Contribution

Collaborate with Interns and educators on developing Green STEM case studies for the classroom on applied environmental engineering.

Coach students on using the Neighborhood Inventory Protocol to develop well-informed recommendations for city planners on transportation improvements.

Participate in one or more PBL Curriculum Design Labs to support both teachers and students in applied problem solving.

Support Green Job profiles and diversity workforce development strategies.

Design ways to integrate SA Impact Storytelling into personal and professional communications channels and platforms.

Support Ambassadors in building positive scenarios for the year 2050 through the Summer Series of 2050 WORKOUTS.

Attend the annual 2050 Update (August) and help promote it as widely as possible.

About Tino

Tino is a transportation enthusiast. He is very passionate about solving transportation problems, from traffic congestion to transit inadequacies. As a mathematically and scientifically inclined individual, his passion for developing innovative engineering solutions began at a young age. He had a lot of unanswered questions! Tino’s childhood experiences in cities in various parts of the world including Harare in Zimbabwe, Johannesburg in South Africa and Nashville in Tennessee, fueled his pursuit to understand the world a little better. In hindsight, what was really pivotal was witnessing the development around the 2010 Soccer World Cup which steered him towards pursuing a civil engineering degree at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

During his college years, Tino explored various subject areas within the civil engineering field, seeking to positively contribute to society and align that with his interests and personal goals. After taking a class that introduced the aspect of sustainability in the civil engineering field, Tino decided to focus his career on designing infrastructure that closely aligns with the United Nations’ SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). In 2016, after completing his undergraduate studies, Tino immigrated to the US to reunite with his family and this was foundational in directing his career pathway in transportation engineering. After facing hurdles with employment, Tino decided to go to graduate school where he primarily focused on transportation engineering and planning. Graduate school was a gateway for various opportunities for Tino, he met people from various walks of life, participated in several national conferences and interned for the Department of Transportation in Tennessee.

After completing graduate school at Tennessee State University, Tino joined Fehr & Peers in Seattle as a transportation engineer-planner. As a transportation consultant, he typically performs various technical analyses to develop effective and innovative transportation solutions that help improve communities. Tino still has a long road ahead, but he aspires to revolutionize transportation as an industry by heavily incorporating sustainable practices in his everyday work and sharing knowledge with peers, students, and communities.