Ambassador Attributes and Job Description

"The role of an Ambassador is to support diplomatic channels for 

solving complex human problems. This is true at many levels 

of human organization, from nation states to school districts, 

from corporations to clubs, from family circles to best friends. 

There is always someone who steps forward to help 

facilitate the common agenda."   

Sustainability Ambassadors share these attributes and skills...

Calling: You feel a personal calling to learn about the issues and to design collective impact actions to catalyze community sustainability.

Knowledge Worker: You commit yourself to developing a set of professional skills including systems thinking, policy analysis, performance assessment, project management and public speaking so that you are as professional as possible in working with your community to solve problems. Accumulating content knowledge is simple and linear. Being a knowledge worker is complex, situational and systemic.

Project Management: You understand the discipline of developing a work plan and then working the plan. You avoid idealism, impulsivity and short term gratifications. A professional work plan keeps you focused and working at a manageable pace.

Data-Driven: You understand that the impact of our work is measured against established performance measures, that what gets measured is a statement of what society values.

Community Representative: You represent your peers, your school, your school district, your city government and local green businesses by researching sustainability trends, developing action projects that make a difference, and reporting results on an annual basis to people in your community who need to know. You serve as an ambassador between generations, jurisdictions and community sectors; between the present and the future.   

Communicator: You develop nested networks of community contacts so that you can strategically amplify positive trends and broadcast progress through a range of communication strategies: email, blogging and social media campaigns that drive traffic to our website; community presentations and video releases that put a face to our messaging.

Patient Strategist: You develop patience for how slowly systems change occurs and yet you become skilled at identifying strategic leverage points and moving quickly when opportunities converge.

Positive Peer Pressure: You understand the power of positive peer pressure across generations, jurisdictions and community sectors.

Colleague among Adults: You crossover the threshold from being a teenager to being a colleague with the adults with whom you need to interact to solve community challenges and communicate community success.

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