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Xinyuan Duan


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2022

Xinyuan is currently a junior at Eastside Preparatory School. Over the past 2 years at Sustainability Ambassadors, she has contributed to various events and campaigns such as Trees Are Cool and Townhall On Bikes. She has reported directly to the Kirkland City Council on Ambassadors projects twice! Since 2023, she has initiated a large scale creek restoration project focusing directly on the Cochran Springs Creek that's right next to her school. The planning stage of this project is coming to an end, and the execution stage is projected to start this summer. She cannot wait to get students and faculty from her school involved in this project that will have a significant impact on her school's community! Outside of her sustainability endeavors, she enjoys reading, gaming, and pursuing research projects.

Xinyuan volunteers at invasive plants removal and tree planting events. She also tries to save energy by turning off lights more often at her house.

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