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Nathan Pan


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2023

Nathan Pan (he/him) is a rising senior at Skyline High School of the Issaquah School District. Witnessing the effects of Climate Change in real time, Nathan is passionately committed to the creation of a green future and advocating for environmental awareness in the community. He believes that his generation must be the ones responsible for a better tomorrow. Thus, Nathan joined Sustainability Ambassadors in order to lead the green revolution and fiercely advocate for change. Through SA, he hopes to collaborate with local community leaders to implement projects that reduce waste in medical and educational settings. Specifically, Nathan hopes to utilize his role as a student representative to the ISD board to set a firm standard of sustainability and specific green-school objectives. As a COPE Junior Health Scholar, Nathan has experienced the wasteful nature of medical practice. As such, he will work with SA to reduce the Water and Carbon footprint of local hospitals. Finally, Nathan endeavors to mitigate the substantial expanse of discarded crayons by reutilizing them through groundbreaking approaches and redistributing them to economically disadvantaged communities.

Outside of his involvement with SA and leadership, Nathan loves exploring movies and theatre. He skis, plays tennis, and reads. Nathan is a competitive businessman, scientist, and medical professional. Nathan aspires to research in the field of Biology, and delve into Ecology or Biomechanics!

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