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Diya Kowshik


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2023

Diya (she/her) believes that things always start small, but making minute changes can slowly lead to a bigger and larger impact to the community. At her house, she started to change small habits by reducing the overuse of plastic and bringing awareness. She encouraged family members to switch to using bidet and reducing wastage, and completely got rid of using paper towels in the kitchen by switching to using eco-friendly towels/cloths.  By joining SA in the summer of 2023, she yearns to make a lasting impact in the community, something that can help generations to come. Her personal water footprint is 1,106, and her carbon footprint is 130, 480. She hopes to reduce these footprints by taking shorter showers, and walking when it is possible. She has done many community projects in the past like leading a green team and cleaned local parks of debris/waste. Besides the things that she does to help the environment, she enjoys singing, playing the piano, spending time with nature, and getting creative with different forms of art.

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