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Annika Wegener


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2020

Annika joined Sustainability Ambassadors in 8th grade after attending the Annual Sustainability Ambassadors Summit. During the Summit’s student presentation, she recognized the initiative, intelligence, and public speaking skills of 2019’s student Ambassadors. She decided she wanted to be like them.  A year later, in 2020, Annika co-founded the Sustainability Ambassadors Writer’s Group to give student-activists an opportunity to share their thoughts, concerns, dread, creativity, and imagination about our planet and climate change. Together, the Writer’s Group trained at least 50 student-activists in impact-reporting and personal storytelling. The group received training as storytellers themselves; a Microsoft communications employee coached the group on team strategy, and they performed spoken word at community events.  After spending her junior year of high school apart from Sustainability Ambassadors to focus on pursuing her IB Diploma, Annika rejoined Sustainability Ambassadors as a senior because she realized the organization’s long game: to create a future workforce that will implement the sustainable values and skills they acquired as kids. Serving as a Sustainability Ambassador undoubtedly shapes Annika’s sense of responsibility to her local and global community. Following this call, Annika plans to major in political science with the goal of becoming a social justice lawyer.

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