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Zachary Damm


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2022

Zach is a junior at the International Community School, looking to pursue a career in cinematography and film studies. He enjoys learning and expressing himself through both the composition and playing of music. Zach wants to impact others through his art, delivering unique and original messages to his audiences. He joined SA to learn how to better deliver a meaningful message to members of the Kirkland community, covering the importance of climate justice and how Sustainability Ambassadors achieve these goals through use of film, music, writing, and more. He loves teamwork and is involved in clubs such as Mock Trial and Authors Society, where he works with his peers to create a fun and efficient club environment. With a water footprint of just under 1,700 gallons per day, and a carbon footprint of around 27 tons of CO2 per year, Zach enjoys learning about how he can bring these numbers down, additionally leading to a more efficient and effective lifestyle. Zach is proud to be a Sustainability Ambassador for the City of Kirkland and is excited to take action.

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