Zach Benzaoui

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Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2014

Zach has been inspired to work as a leader in his community since his first training with the Sustainability Ambassadors. Through his work with Sustainability Ambassadors he has improved his writing, public speaking, facilitation and project management skills, and hopes to further improve them. As Zach learns more from SA and builds on his experience, he is gaining momentum and plans to share his knowledge with his new school’s Environmental Club. By working closely with his school’s ASB, and his peers he hopes to make his school and Lake Washington School District (LWSD) a more sustainable place. Zach has completed 3 Summer Internships with the Ambassadors, where he has worked to improve his leadership, facilitation, and public management skills. Zach is focused on updating his school board, city council, local community on sustainability trends in the LWSD, and facilitating a successful LWSD Sustainability Ambassadors events. As his city and community connections increase in number, he hopes to invite key members to next year’s LWSD Sustainability Summit. Zach is the president of his school’s green team and the Youth Chair of RYPAC, the City of Redmond’s Youth Council. In his free time, Zach loves to volunteer, watch baseball, and listen to music.

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