William Liu


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2019

William is very interested in the environment and youth leaders in the community. As a problem solver and hard worker, William seeks to achieve sustainability not just in the community, but also to be an ambassador for sustainability worldwide. He hopes that through the Sustainability Ambassadors, William can create lasting change, and also develop his critical thinking and speaking skills. Ever since his elementary green team, William has been thinking about sustainability and how he can solve the problems associated with today's world. He is an International participant in the Future Problem Solving Program, and has also participated in numerous math and science competitions. This STEM background also is what inspired William to join the Sustainability Ambassadors in the first place. In his spare time, William enjoys sailing and spending time with his friends.


WIlliam joined Sustainability Ambassadors Fall 2019 and is interested in careers in STEM as well as Business. He is currently focused on joining projects organized by other Sustainability Ambassadors and using Sustainability Ambassadors to have an impact on personal sustainability as well as developing public speaking, planning, and organizational skills with the Sustainability Ambassadors.

William’s personal carbon footprint is 13.76 tons per year, and he hopes to reduce this by eating less meat and avoiding CO2 emissions in both his daily and domestic/international travel.

William’s personal water footprint is 1,912 gallons of water per day (or 697,880 gallons PER YEAR). He hopes to reduce this further by focusing on his virtual or indirect water use, especially in three categories: electricity, shopping habits, and diet, which contribute to over 97% of his total water footprint.