Vernon Lumpkin


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2022

Hi! I’m Vernon! I’m a Singaporean American that has lived in Singapore, Germany, Oregon, and now Washington. I enjoy competing in high-level soccer and tennis, playing the piano, and the occasional Valorant session with my friends. Through my various leadership positions, I try to be heavily involved in school and community to positively impact as many individuals as possible. While I focus on developing my foundational education, I’m pursuing an entrepreneurial career in data science and information technologies. My interest and concern with current issues have revealed to me that a lack of communication and information hinders progress and awareness. I believe that the exciting and engaging presentation of data leads to a more educated population capable of making informed and impactful decisions. I joined the sustainability ambassadors because I resonated with their mission of spreading awareness and making an impact on this pertinent issue. Leveraging my skills and leadership positions, I work towards furthering the SA’s undertaking. My water footprint is 1782 gallons per day, and my carbon footprint is 69 tons of CO2 per year. I’m working to reduce this by carpooling more, taking shorter showers, and figuring out a more water-efficient way to care for my family’s 1-acre, plant-covered property. Feel free to reach out to me at