Sumedh Panatula


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Winter 2019

Sumedh is a sophomore at Sammamish high school in the Bellevue School District. Sumedh first met Peter in the third grade, when his sister joined Peter’s UW summer camp and then shortly became an ambassador. Since then, Sumedh has been attending SA events and workshops. Sumedh is also a part of his school’s green team, where he is implementing and leading various impact projects. Sumedh is also a passionate advocate for the planet, having spoken in front of the Bellevue city council before, pushing them for a stronger environmental stewardship plan. Sumedh is also trying to bring sustainability into his school’s curriculum, through events like the Bellevue city council town hall and bringing in more info and content into his school’s current climate change curriculum. Sumedh became an ambassador in the winter of 2019 and is excited for the work and opportunities that are to come. Sumedh has a carbon footprint that is 44% better than average. While this is a good start, he seeks to improve it by reducing his inhouse electricity usage and reducing food waste. He has an average water footprint of 1,463 gallons a day, around 300 gallons less than the US average. Sumedh seeks to improve this by taking shorter showers and more frequently donating clothing he no longer fits in. Sumedh is also very passionate about programming and software. He originally started in fourth grade with block coding in programs such as Scratch and Lego Mindstorms. He has more recently learned java through his school’s computer science program and is a programmer on his school’s robotics team. Similarly, Sumedh has been doing robotics since the fourth grade, originally starting in FLL and progressing all the way up to FRC. Sumedh is looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into his robotics team, with the help of his school’s green team. Sumedh is also very passionate about music. He began playing the double bass since sixth grade and has since been very passionate about it. He currently plays in his school's highest orchestra and also played in the school’s jazz choir. Sumedh has also self-taught himself the piano and the guitar and enjoys playing music in his mother tongue.

         Sumedh’s plan for his time in SA is to set up systems not for just himself, but for oncoming years of ambassadors. He wishes to use his newly developing knowledge of advanced programming to setup applications to more easily and efficiently complete tasks, contact others, and spread information.