Sue Yu


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2019

Sue is a sophomore at Bellevue High School and joined Sustainability Ambassadors last summer. She is excited to develop her public speaking skills and take initiative to further the sustainability of local communities. Sue is passionate about the environment, and does her best to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of life. She is also part of her school’s environmental club, and works with the Green Cities Network to protect and restore urban forests and parks.

Outside of SA, Sue plays violin, which she has been playing for 9 years. She plays in the Seattle Youth Symphony, and at the Seattle Conservatory of Music. She also does cross country, and enjoys watching documentaries.

Sue’s water footprint is around 25% better than average. To reduce her water footprint further, she is working towards becoming vegetarian. Her carbon footprint is also around 25% better than average, and to reduce that, Sue is working to convince her parents to purchase green electricity. She also plans to carpool more once in person school starts.