Sophia Halgren


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2016

A long time ago, hard to believe it has been this long really, Sophie joined sustainability ambassadors as a little 5th grader about to jump into middle school. She had a lot of ambitions and loved the environment but didn’t really know how to make a difference. In the summer of 2016 however, she joined sustainability ambassadors and was surrounded by a diverse group of passionate youth leaders. One of the things that Sophie loves about this organization and that had also inspired her to join was the fundamental leadership skills they taught. These skills such as the “4 P’s”: Policy analysis, Performance assessment, Project management, and Public speaking, are so important and minimally taught in school. Sophie has learned so much about how to make a change in her community. This helped her find the confidence to lead her green team and spreading change beyond her school. One successful project with her and her green team was presenting in front of Sea-Tac sustainability leaders to promote the “one paper towel challenge” throughout the airport. In an effort to reduce waste in Sea-Tac airport, her green team’s presentation helped push the topic of waste reduction, leading to the airport’s decision to switch completely to air dryers. Sustainability Ambassadors coaching also inspired Sophie’s family to make changes to reduce waste and their carbon footprint. Sophie’s mom actually started driving a Prius! Sophie’s family still continues to try and reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling, eating locally, and biking more often. Sophie still is considering a career choice and has a wide range of interests, such as environmental justice and landscape design. Sophie is looking forward to the upcoming years of sustainability ambassadors to continue to learn and do her very best to help make an impact.