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From a young age, Shrimayee has been amazed by the great outdoors and the pristine, diverse life on planet Earth. As she grew older and learned about the threats of climate change, Shrimayee quickly realized that sustainability is a strong force that is essential to saving the planet. Since becoming a Sustainability Ambassador in the Spring of 2020, Shrimayee has learned how to make a positive difference in her community and has developed valuable skills such as facilitation, project management, and public speaking. She is elated to continue honing these skills in the future and use them to drive impact in her community and beyond. In Fall of 2020, Shrimayee was a facilitator for the Redmond Impact Project Training, where she enjoyed diving deeper into Redmond's Sustainability Plan and witnessed all the ideas and energy that Redmond youth brought to the table. Shrimayee is committed to urging others to use Ecosia, a green search engine that enables people to join the tree planting movement via searching the web. As a project manager for the Washington Ecosia Initiative, her goal is to convince school districts in Washington to set Ecosia as the default search engine on all school-issued laptops. Shrimayee aspires to be an environmental engineer and is eager to explore the potential of technology in rapidly advancing a sustainable future. She is also passionate about the arts and enjoys writing, making music, and playing the violin in the Western and Indian classical styles.

Shrimayee's impact project is about chaning her diet to be more sustainable. Maintaining a vegan diet is one of the biggest ways to reduce your footprint on planet Earth. By avoiding animal products, an individual can cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half, conserve gallons of water, prevent deforestation, and give thousands of animals the ethical lives they deserve. Will you go vegan?

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