Santoshi Pisupati


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2019

Santoshi Pisupati is in LWSD’s Class of 2023 and goes to the International Community School in Kirkland. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors in the fall of 2019, but feels like she has been doing the work of the organization since she was a little girl. She has been public speaking since she was six years old, starting when she talked to schools in India about everyday actions we can take to conserve natural resources. She hopes to become a community-minded cardiologist and feels Sustainability Ambassadors is the perfect program to hone her skills. Her goal as an Ambassador is to include more businesses and organizations in the efforts to reduce our carbon and water footprints, so Sustainability Ambassadors can be represented by all bodies of the economic system. Her personal carbon footprint is 40 tons a year and she plans to reduce that by making better use of public transportation. Her personal water footprint is 1,372 gallons a day- she is trying to reduce that number by taking shorter showers, although she admits it is difficult! Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, she is involved in her school’s ASB, MUN and FBLA Clubs, where she has won awards for her work and gone to FBLA State. She is also a WA SR 520 Bridge Student Ambassador who has cut the bike and pedestrian path ribbon for the bridge, and appeared on the local news to talk about her experiences. She is a Taekwondo instructor, piano player and a published author of six books with a seventh coming, and has written a NASA-award-winning flash fiction story for the Humans in Space Youth Contest. She is thrilled to work with like-minded youth and preserve a better future for the next generation.