Sanjwal Srivastava


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Winter 2020

Sanjwal Prakash Srivastava is a Freshman in Issaquah High School

He had gained some knowledge on sustainability and urgency of environmental issues from the summer program at Robinson Center for Young Scholars for Chemistry, Ecology and Drama and various Sustainability Ambassadors Workout sessions during the summer of 2017.

He wanted to get a firsthand experience of the environmental challenges. Luckily, last year, he got a chance to be involved in an environmental project. He worked with global organizations to create a site to bring awareness of the water pollution in the river Ganges, which is in India (The Ganges is the largest river in India and is the second most polluted river in the world). He researched and highlighted the pollution variables and the different sources that pollute the river Ganges in different parts of the country.

Sanjwal wants to break communication barriers and analyze policy impact. He wants to apply his learnings to real world scenarios.

Through the Sustainability Ambassadors program, he sees himself learning elements of leadership and professional development. He wants to be involved in the 2050 Workout sessions, Webinars and Summits to advocate sustainable practices. He certainly wants to take this as an opportunity to learn organizational skills, improve public speaking and learn effective project management.

Sanjwal’s total carbon footprint is 17.5 tons per year. To reduce this, he is planning on going on more walks and using more public transport. His water footprint is 1,280 gallons per day. To decrease this, he plans on having his family take shorter showers and add more drought resistant plants to their yard.