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Sanika Datar


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2021

Sanika Datar is a freshman at Inglemoor High School in the Northshore School District and a resident of Kirkland. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors in Fall 2021 after getting to know about the program and how it aligned with her interests about the environment. Her middle school, the Environmental and Adventure School instilled a passion in her for the environment. Sanika hopes to gain an insight into different perspectives on the sustainability issues affecting our community, locally and globally, and unique ways to solve them. She believes that youth advocates can help facilitate impactful conversations with policymakers and officials and get us closer to making a tangible change in the community. As part of her non-profit organization, she strives to promote core universal values in the areas of environmentalism, entrepreneurship, empathy, and equity in young kids. In her free time, Sanika enjoys playing piano, reading, and spending time outdoors. She is really interested in biology and psychology and possibly wants to have a career in medicine in the future.   Sanika's personal water footprint is 1,596 gallons per day and her carbon footprint is 61 tons of CO2/year. She is working on reducing this by taking shorter showers and biking and walking more than using cars. Sanika is excited to be a part of Sustainability Ambassadors and help bring positive change in her community!

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