Rishi Hazra


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2019

Rishi Hazra is currently a junior at Skyline High School of the Issaquah School District. He is an enthusiastic research scientist and is passionate about youth advocacy for environmental awareness. Rishi believes that by 2050, our society can achieve 100% sustainability. His generation is going to live in the world the current generation creates. As such, Rishi feels it is his responsibility, especially as a youth leader, to amplify the voice of the future. To do so, Rishi joined Sustainability Ambassadors. From this organization, Rishi's reach has only increased. He is involved with several teams at SA, where he is currently leading the Webinar Production Team and has created multiple educational videos around sustainable concepts. Rishi is also the Sammamish team lead and is working closely with his peers to develop a city more firmly focused on sustainability. Furthermore, Rishi works closely with the City of Issaquah - occupying a regular 2-year position on the Issaquah Environmental Board. Outside of his involvement with my city government and SA, Rishi enjoys exploring music. He plays the piano, sings, and records covers. Rishi is a competitive mathlete, chemist, and pianist. Rishi aspires to research in the field of chemistry, and delve into the realm of environmental chemistry!

The average daily water consumption in the U.S. is around 300 gallons. 24% of this consumption goes towards our toilet usage. Correspondingly, the most common and major contributor to water waste through household leaks are our toilets. 1 toilet can leak up to 200 gallons daily, and this, multiplied by the vast number of leaky toilets, brings the total of leaked water in the US to 1 trillion gallons annually! Rishi's impact project encourages periodic testing of household toilets for leaks and using the data reports generated by smart water meters to track them.