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Fall 2017

Nimisha Thakur had her first experience with Sustainability Ambassadors in the summer of 2017. She attended the annual 2050 workout, and from that moment, she knew she had to be a part of Sustainability Ambassadors because they inspired her to make a positive change in the environment. She found out about the organization through the Chemistry, Ecology, Drama program held at UW by the Robinson Center every summer and led by Peter Donaldson and Jeff Burgard. Since joining, she has developed so many new skills such as her public speaking, project management, communication, and tackling challenges in creative ways. She is eager to continue growing these skills. As her important work in the organization continues, she is excited to gain more facilitation skills through the planning of the annual LWSD Summit and Sustainability Kick-Off. She would also like to help her PTSA in planning some more events regarding sustainability at her current school, Inglewood Middle School and the school she will be attending next, Eastlake High School. Nimisha’s total carbon footprint is 17.5 tons per year. In order to reduce this number, she is planning on carpooling, biking and walking more to places. Her water footprint is 1,408 gallons per day. She plans to decrease this number by convincing her family to start taking 5-minute showers. Lastly, in her free time, Nimisha likes to act, sing, dance, do martial-arts, and learn Spanish.

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