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Winter 2019

Attending the 2050 workout inspired Nick to lead in environmental sustainability. Nick believes a healthy relationship with the Earth is crucial because future generations depend on how we treat the Earth today. They are working towards their goal of 90% of the students attending Northstar (the school they go to) carpooling, walking, bussing, or biking to school. The intended impact of this goal is less single occupancy vehicles on the road emitting gas. They also co-lead their school’s Green Team and have been working with King County Green Schools to get Northstar to Level 1 Green School certification. They love to write and are writing a series of letters to the editor for the Kirkland and Redmond Reporters focused on educating for sustainability. They hope to improve their public speaking and collaboration skills with Ambassadors. Nick does not know exactly what career they want, but they know what they want to accomplish. They want to change the way people think and see society through creating and educating, resulting in changing the world for the better. In their free time, they like to play guitar, write, read poetry, listen to music, take photos, dance, and paint. Their personal carbon footprint is 66 tons CO2/year, and their personal water footprint is 1,559 gallons a day. To improve this, they are eating less dairy products, turning the water off while they take a shower, and always turning the lights off when they leave a room.

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