Nicholas Wegener


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Winter 2019

Nicholas believes co-existence with nature is beautiful and crucial. They serve as a Team Leader for the Sustainability Ambassadors Writing Group and feel grateful to have co-lead the group through the 2020 summer's 2050 Workouts, SA's 2050 Update, and the writing group's ongoing project, Impact Project Blogging. Nick joined Ambassadors when they were awe-struck by Zach Benzaoui's facilitation skills at the 2019 2050 Workout. They could see themself making the world a better place with Ambassadors. In their free time, they enjoy writing, reading, playing an assortment of musical objects, fanboying over videos of Timithee Chalamet, and riding their bike.

Nicholas' family and them want to get serious about reducing their food waste because of its huge carbon footprint. So they are researching and will implement King County smart shopping, sustainable food prep, efficient food storage, efficient refrigerator habits, and a compost system in their house. Then they will communicate their results to friends, fellow Ambassadors, and other stakeholders so they can collectively reduce their carbon and water footprints.