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Summer 2016

Nevenka Bollini is a freshman at Bothell High School in the Northshore School District. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors in the summer of 2016 when she was a rising sixth-grader. Her focus is to initiate positive impact in the community by inspiring awareness and conservation. Using skills she obtains from Sustainability Ambassadors, Nevenka hopes to follow a career path into medicine by working diligently and expanding interests. Her love for nature shines through her travels to vivid oceans in Australia and jaw-dropping waterfalls in Iceland. Back home, she has a passion for swimming, gymnastics, and kayaking with friends. 

Nevenka’s carbon footprint is 26 tons of CO2/year which is 68% less than average. She is working on reducing these numbers by unplugging devices and carpooling when possible.

Her water footprint is 1,494 gallons/day which is 17% less than average. She is working on reducing these numbers by taking shorter showers and using minimal water when washing dishes.

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