Nate Scherer


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2021

Nate Scherer is currently a Junior at Skyline High School. He is passionate about the dental field and believes in a completely sustainable 2050. He aspires to work in the dental field, as such, over the summer he has been shadowing a periodontist and an orthodontist. During this internship, he was astonished to what degree they pollute. He believes it's his responsibility to do his part in creating a sustainable future, in the field he loves. To do so, he plans on creating a campaign based off ADA's 80 Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Green, with the distinct purpose to share the knowledge and influence those who haven't started implementing. He is also a part of the Solar Neighborhood Challenge project. The goal of this project is to solarize everything, educate those who aren't informed, and push clean energy through policy change. Currently, they are configuring the solar potential of the City of Sammamish, through a partnership with Sphere Solar Energy. Nate is additionally focused on partnering with the City of Sammamish, to organize a youth-led environmental board, and replicating this progress abroad. Influencing locally is just as important, so as a member of the Issaquah School District team, he's involved in implementing sustainability into the curriculum of common core, through schools.