Nanda Junu


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2019

Nanda’s first experience with Sustainability Ambassadors was the 2019 spring summit. The summit was a great opportunity for her. She wasn’t treated like just a child who couldn’t do anything, but as a part of the community and a part of the problem. Since then, Nanda has grown to be more confident. Her public speaking skills grew and so did her desire to be a part of the change. A project she is working on is building a solid green team that will grow throughout the years. Her and another ambassador wanted to gain more membership, which they successfully achieved. The school she attends (Timberline Middle School) is a brand-new school which is already very sustainable but can improve. The team will have projects the students will do to achieve a variety of goals increasing sustainability at Timberline. The first goal they want to achieve is setting up compost at our school. Along with the goal of compost, the team also is working towards being recognized as a Level 1 King County Green School. If she isn’t competing in Science Olympiad or robotics, she likes to hang out with friends and do photography. Science Olympiad is where Nanda found her passion in the world of genetics and her interest in becoming a geneticist. Her water footprint is 1,722 gallons/day. To reduce this, she is committed to shorter showers, washing her cars in a self-service car wash, and reducing the amount of time in a car by taking buses or walking. Also, Nanda’s carbon footprint is 55 tons of CO2 per year. To reduce this, she will carpool more or use the public transit.