Mitra Junu


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2019

Mitra first learned about Sustainability Ambassadors when she attended the 2019 spring summit. She was inspired by the leadership, confidence, and passion she experienced. Although Mitra has only been an Ambassador for a year, she has grown tremendously. Her confidence has grown including her public speaking skills. Mitra has used these skills to work on projects for Sustainability Ambassadors. Since her school currently does not have a green team, Mitra is co-leading a green team. The goal is that by the end of the year or start of the next year, there will be a team of at least 10 people. This includes doing various impact projects to spark interest in other students. Currently, she is working on getting compost bins around the Northstar Middle School and Emerson Highschool Campus. Mitra is also working on making sure that at least 90% of the students at Northstar are using forms of transportation other than single occupancy vehicles. Her personal carbon footprint is 55 tons of CO2 per year and her person water footprint is 1,722 gallons per day. Mitra is working on reducing her carbon footprint by convincing her parents to let her use public transport more often and biking or walking to places that I can. To reduce her water footprint, she is taking shorter showers and using hot water only when she needs to. Mitra has been impacted by Sustainability Ambassadors in more ways than one. Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, Mitra enjoys playing volleyball and does taekwondo. She loves hanging out with her friends and getting to know new people. She also likes learning about new subjects and is very enthusiastic about medicine. She wants to go into the medical field although she doesn’t know what career yet. She is excited to explore her medical options.