Megha Mishra


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2020

Megha Mishra is a junior at Gibson Ek High School who is excited to be joining Sustainability Ambassadors for her first year. From an early age, she has been interested in biology, which has slowly transitioned into a passion for sustainability and environmental science. Her work in restorative justice has allowed her to gain skills in organization and public speaking, which are key in her work as an environmental activist. Over the past few years, she has been working towards a cleaner environment by organizing a peaceful strike on Earth Day, reaching out to local organizations to discuss greener behavior, and creating promoting green brands through her social media platform. Outside of her passion for sustainability, Megha enjoys expressing herself through music, visual art, and dance.

Megha's personal water footprint is 1,098 gallons per day and she hopes to reduce it by maximizing her usage of public transport and other greener forms of transportation. Her personal carbon footprint is 28 tons per year and she plans to reduce it by making sure to use natural light rather than unnecessarily keeping the light switch on.