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Max Guo


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2020

Max Guo is an 8th grader at Pine Lake Middle school in the class of 2025. He joined Sustainability Ambassadors to be able to finally make a difference in the future world. He is currently working on limiting his own emissions and hopes to incorporate his beliefs with his schools'. In school, Max is involved in the school math club and does swimming outside of school. At his house, Max can be found prowling around his house doing math and dreaming of one day becoming a theoretical physicist and astronomer.

Max's carbon emissions are 55 tons a year, which he hopes to cut down by educating his family about climate change. His water footprint is currently at 1652 tons, which he hopes to cut down by reducing meat consumption to 5 days a week and by convincing his family to make some changes to their lifestyle.

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