Mandira Ganti


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2018

One of the most important things for Mandira has always been her school community. Busy with their full time jobs, when she was just starting elementary school, Mandira’s parents struggled to find effective before and after school care; this led them to the beautiful world of before and after school clubs. Their busy schedules definitely paid off now bestowing on Mandira a habit she carries with her to this day. Today you can see Mandira before school in jazz band, after school at Environmental club, Speech and Debate club, Film Analysis club, or at practice for her school’s Slowpitch Softball team. Her interests are definitely a little scattered as of now, but she knows in the future she wants to do a job that directly benefits the public or the people, just like the work that she has been able to be a part of in Sustainability Ambassadors. Mandira knows that she could not be where she is now without the support of her peers, teachers and coaches who have made school a second home for her. She knows she had been a direct product of her school environment and now hopes to be able to help improve her school’s impact on the actual environment. So far throughout high school Mandira has been fortunate enough to be on the school’s ASB, but her drive to impact the school did not end there. Through sustainability ambassadors she hopes to be a bridge between SA and PTSA, ASB, and school administrators to educate and facilitate discussions about real achievable changes that can be made in schools to improve sustainability. Starting with her own school Mandira and her environmental club have been implementing lunchroom composting and are piloting a large native plant restoration project, as well as pushing for a sustainable contract with sports boosters. Mandira’s goal for her future at SA is to not only make changes in her own school but advocate and help lead changes in other schools and at higher levels in the school district with project planning skills that she has been learning with the other Sustainability Ambassadors.

Mandira uses 1,791 gallons of water every day. 

Mandira’s carbon footprint is 16.5 tons of CO2 per year. 

To reduce her footprint, Mandira has been working on buying and eating more sustainably. Recently she went vegan for 6 months, but her love for sushi made it very difficult to continue. However, her time eating the vegan diet has definitely stuck with her and she continues to eat many vegan and vegetarian meals throughout her week, bringing many of her family members and friends along with her.