Maanit Goel


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2019

Maanit Goel is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences’ Junior Academy, serves on the Project Green Schools’ National Youth Council, has self-published two full-length YA novels, and was a 2020 finalist for the national Saunders Scholars’ Young Entrepreneurs competition. His focus is on driving global impact targeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and addressing sustainability from all possible angles. He hopes to someday be an entrepreneur developing and implementing emerging technologies to make a sustainable future our present reality.

Maanit is currently focused on forging partnerships with the City of Sammamish and sustainability coalitions in King County such as K4C and People for Climate Action, to organize a robust, youth-led push for direct sustainable action in the City of Sammamish, and replicating resulting progress across the Greater Seattle Area. As a LWSD Team Lead, he’s also working with Ambassadors around the Eastside to optimize for youth involvement, collaboration, and scalable impact projects to encourage development of key skills and push for holistic sustainable progress in the region.

His carbon footprint is approximately 20-25 tons of CO2 annually, and his estimated water footprint is 1,384 gallons per day. He’s working on reducing the former by using motor vehicles less frequently, and the latter by taking shorter showers- admittedly, much easier said than done.