Kathryn Soria


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2022

Kathryn Soria is a student at Cleveland High School and South Seattle College. Occupying their time with Girls swim, NHS and Filipino alliance. They joined Sustainability Ambassadors in hopes to continue their community/environmental work. Prior participation for preserving our environment has been with HipHop is Green and Seapotential.  Not only working with Sustainability Ambassadors on top of that will be an ambassador for HipHop is Green. Hoping to carry their vision to empower BIPOC youth to lead healthier lives for themselves and for our planet.  Kathryn is ready to expand their understanding of environmental conservation, while working alongside peers for further restoration including education towards our planet. With a strong passion for community along with restoration they are unsure of what they will pursue for a future career. In their free time, they garden, swim, and bake with friends.