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Jada Lesothebe


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Winter 2019

Jada Lesothebe will be graduating the year of 2022 from through the Omak School District with WAVA. Jada developed a passion for progressions towards a sustainable life and a love for the environment since her trip to Black Kettle National Grassland in Oklahoma—discovering a love for travel and animals. After years of moving around to many cities and experiencing communities from the South to the West Coast she found herself in Washington State. Jada joined Sustainability Ambassadors in late Winter of 2019 and began her journey of growth towards a greener way of living by joining Earth Bound Club at BHS. Since joining she’s had the opportunity to participate in Envirothon, become the Social Media consultant for the EB and bring sustainable thinking to FIRST Team 949 Robotics. In addition to being a member of National Art Honors Society she has committed to volunteering at Jubilee Reach weekly, working with young boys and girls through engaging physical activities and tutoring. Jada’s interest includes the medical sciences and marine biology which she dove deeper into after visiting Brightwater Treatment Plant. An aspiration of hers pertaining to a future career in medicine includes traveling to South America and fulfilling schooling with physicians that work in regions not given advanced treatments for better health. This enthusiasm flourished after visiting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where educators and specialist spoke to her class about growing stress on the importance of global vaccination and, the vulnerability to poor communities. Her current goals with SA include launching awareness for restoration of marine ecosystems in the area and locally introducing reusable options for the modern high school student. Jada’s carbon footprint is about 45 tons of CO2 per year—she often will opt for walking or using Public Transit for daily ventures like JB volunteering. Jada’s personal water footprint is 1,497 gallons a day. To reduce her water footprint from the beginning of the year she’s converted to a vegetarian lifestyle and spoken to her buildings manager on alternative home water filtration systems.

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