Heera Rajavel


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Winter 2018

Heera Rajavel is a senior at Skyline High School in the Issaquah School district. After joining Sustainability Ambassadors in the fall of 2018, her main projects in Sustainability Ambassadors involved her passion for graphic design. She is currently responsible for building the new Sustainability Ambassadors website you see right now. Heera is determined to make an impact on the intersection of health and the environment. She has committed to Duke University in the Class of 2024 as an Environmental Studies and Policy and Global Health double major with a minor in American Literature in the hopes of becoming an environmental policymaker or lawyer one day. 

When she isn’t off at a mock trial, science bowl, science olympiad, or HOSA competition, you can find her painting, starting cults (disclaimer: she has not started any [official] cults [yet]), cross country running, or reading books which have been banned in other countries in the hopes of starting a revolution to free all literature. 

Her water footprint is 15.54% better than the average at 1,522 gallons per day. Her carbon footprint is 10.83 tonnes. She will reduce this by taking public transportation more often.