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Hannah Ryu is a sophomore at Newport High School. She represents the Bellevue School District and will graduate in 2022. Hannah plays for her school's soccer team, and she is a member of JSA and HOSA. Thanks to her father's occupation as a marine biologist, Hannah has been passionate about nature and sustainability for as long as she can remember. She has recently become a Sustainability Ambassador in the spring of 2020 and looks forward to collaborating with her peers to improve her community. Hannah is aiming towards pursuing STEM after high school, and areas of study that she is interested in include marine biology, chemistry, and earth sciences. Regardless of what she studies, she hopes to positively impact the world and the environment and help sustain a healthy community for years to come!  In being a part of SA, Hannah hopes to improve as a leader and work with other ambassadors by contributing towards collective impact in our ecosystem. She is also planning on interning this upcoming summer at the Institute for Systems Biology. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer and practicing piano.

Hannah's carbon footprint is 48 tons of CO2 per year.  There is significant room for improvement, and she plans on using public transport from school more often. She also plans on always opting to carpool whenever possible. Another viable option Hannah has been thinking about is switching to a vegetarian diet since meat production has a massive impact on carbon emissions. Hannah's water footprint is 1,546 gallons a day. As mentioned, she plans on switching to a vegetarian diet to eliminate her meat consumption. However, another way to improve her water footprint would be not to shower everyday and to limit her family's laundry.

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