Fiona McDaniel


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2018

Fiona has been drawn to nature ever since she was young, and she has always felt a deep responsibility to help protect the worlds interconnected web of life that we are a part of. From convincing her family to invest in rooftop solar, to helping establish her school’s green team, to being the politics director of Washington Climate Strikes, Fiona has always found ways to make her voice heard in her community.


Sustainability Ambassadors has helped her grow into an even more productive advocate by giving her the chance to hone her public speaking, management, and leadership skills through working on many projects. She has practiced these skills by leading teams of local students to think about how to achieve a carbon neutral 2050 at Sustainability Ambassadors 2050 workouts. She has also attended and spoke at Kirkland City Hall as councilmembers collected input on Kirkland’s new Sustainability Master Plan.


Currently, Fiona is working on designing Kirkland’s town hall at school program, and planning activities for Lakeside’s Green Team next year. Being surrounded by a team of passionate students and coaches has gives her work direction and support. In her free time, Fiona is involved in many drama performances, leads her schools all female acapella group, and is a member of a rock climbing team.