Fallon Jenkins


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2020

Fallon Jenkins attended the Youth-led Impact Project Training in October of 2020, and was inspired to become a part of something bigger. Her goal as a sustainability manager is to become a better leader, public speaker, and to give back to the environment as much as she can. Born and raised in Alaska, Fallon was taught at an early age the importance of preserving the beauty of nature. She has since dedicated her time to living a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. By using eco-friendly hair and skin products, having a plant-based diet, and thrifting for her clothes, she does her best to treat the environment with care. She hopes to pursue a degree in forestry or environmental science. When she isn't playing volleyball, participating in the Mock trial, or in the Environmental Club, Fallon enjoys hiking, playing the guitar, and taking care of her plants. Her personal water footprint sits at an average of 1,410 gallons per day. To reduce this, she will take shorter showers and continue her plant-based diet. Her family's carbon footprint is 18% better than average at 70 tons of CO2/year. To help reduce this, her family will take public transit as much as they can.