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Erika Angel-Ramos


Class of


Representing the City of

Des Moines

Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2022

I am a junior at Mount Rainier High school doing running start at Highline college warning my AA degree. I want to pursue dentistry and make an impact on the environment with the waste of mercury and lead because they are highly toxic. I have experience in the environment through Y-WE nature connections in gardening, cleaning state parks, and doing fun activities outdoors while learning about ancestor land and environmental issues. I have also helped my mom create a community garden at the apartment we live in. What pursed me to join Sustainability Ambassador because I believe this Internship will help me gain knowledge in knowing different alternatives in the waste of lead and mercury because those issues are talked about often in the dentistry field. I also joined because I want to help make an impact and create a sustainable environment for future generations to come.

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