Deveshi Thakur

Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2017

Deveshi has always believed that coexistence is one of the most beautiful things about Earth. Her passion for preserving environmental diversity propelled her to the 2050 workout, where she hoped to find like-minded people who cared about nature and were just as compelled as her to bring harmful human impact on the environment to a halt. The workout was informative, and inspiring. Shortly after attending the Workout, Deveshi applied to be a Sustainability Ambassador. Thanks to Peter, Cassandra, and all the amazing student leaders in the program, Deveshi feels more excited and empowered than ever to go out and advocate for more sustainable practices in her community. She is looking forward to practicing and improving her public speaking and policy analysis skills. Deveshi is currently working on notifying community stakeholders on the success of the LWSD Community Sustainability Summit and preparing for the upcoming Green Team Kickoff. Outside of school and SA, Deveshi dances, sings, plays the guitar, and does taekwondo.

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