Charith Lanka


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2020

Growing up, Charith has always been a team player. He grew fond of sports and got along with his peers. As the years passed, those values stuck with him and developed into a major part of his personality and lifestyle. Nowadays you can find Charith after school developing his 21 st century skills in DECA, watching sports, or catching up on sleep. Through many diverse activities, he has been able to construct a strong sense of teamwork, leadership, and communication. He is also currently building on his interest in Economics. After being recommended and attending a 2050 workout, he was inspired by all the young minds around him striving for a better, cleaner future. By being a Sustainability Ambassador, he hopes to improve his public speaking, writing, and teamwork skills. Charith’s water footprint is 1,667 gallons a day, while his carbon footprint is 44 tons every year. He intends to reduce these numbers by making more of his travels on foot or bike and eating more sustainable.