Cassidy Hoffman


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2020

Cassidy Hoffman (she/her) is a Sustainability Ambassador from Issaquah. A newcomer, she joined the Sustainability Ambassadors in the spring of 2020. In elementary school, she was enrolled in MERLIN, an accelerated learning program, and continues to take advanced Math and Language Arts today. (She doesn’t take advanced science because she loves the subject and couldn’t bear to miss a whole year of content.) Cassidy loves public speaking, and she aspires to be an actor, artist, author, or activist - she always liked her “straight-a”s! She was the “nerdy jokes kid” as a fifth-grader, and she wears the title with pride to this day. When Cassidy isn’t on the stage or doodling in the margins of her work, you can find her in the Choir room or huddled in a corner with a good book.

Cassidy’s carbon footprint is 18 tons per year, and her water footprint is 1,683 gallons per day, both of which are just below the American average. She plans to reduce her family’s meat consumption and recycle more in the short term, but within a few years she hopes to get solar panels installed. Cassidy is excited to learn more about projects she can take part in and impacts she can make on the community.