Aylin Dutt


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2020

Aylin Dutt is a sophomore (C/O of 2024) at Inglemoor High School in the Northshore School District. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors in the fall of 2020 after searching for ways to be more environmentally active. Aylin has always been passionate about the environment and works with her school, peers, and the city to make a difference. She hopes to empower those who may not have as many resources or knowledge about the environment to make real change for our planet. She loves learning about different cultures, talking to new people, history, as well as government, and politics. Aylin is also a part of her school’s ASB, varsity rowing team, MUN, Girls Who Code, and drama. Aylin’s personal carbon footprint is 41 tons of CO2/year and she uses 1,876 gallons of water per day. She is working on reducing this by taking shorter showers and carpooling or taking public transport. Aylin hopes to build up the Northshore team and be a catalyst for change in her community.